Touchstone Energy Graphic

Touchstone Energy® Cooperative Inc. is a national network of electric cooperatives that provides resources and leverages partnerships to help member cooperatives and their employees better engage and serve their members. By working together, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are a source of power and information to their 30 million member-owners daily.

Electric cooperatives were originally established to provide electricity to rural America. Now co-op territories have expanded into suburban and some urban areas of the country, which makes electric cooperatives the largest electric utility network in the nation. Despite this growth, your local Touchstone Energy cooperative is owned and operated by the members it serves, giving everyone in your community a democratic voice in how the cooperative is managed.

Community-friendly values and the cooperative business model make electric co-ops strong. As a not-for-profit entity, members know they can trust their electric cooperative because it was created to deliver on the promise of providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to member-owners – not to generate money for shareholders.

What Makes Touchstone Energy Cooperatives Different

Touchstone Energy is the national brand identity for the extensive electric cooperative network. Touchstone Energy cooperatives put members first and always have a local, member-driven, community-focused vision. All members exemplify high standards of service because they uphold the four core values of integrity, accountability, innovation, and commitment to the community. 

Across the country, local Touchstone Energy cooperatives work to improve members’ quality of life by taking a leadership role in the community and economic development projects, forging strong partnerships with business members and generously donating time, energy, and energy resources to their local communities. The Touchstone Energy logo means the cooperative understands the power of human connections and is the power of a national network working in your neighborhood.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are:

  • Part of the largest electric utility network in the nation
  • Total more than 700 local systems
  • Serve more than 30.5 million distribution cooperative member-owners
  • Serve nearly 40 generation and transmission cooperatives