Jasper-Newton Electric Cooperative strives to provide the best service to all members. To comply with upcoming software upgrades, JNEC is required to change all accounts with an existing account number ending in 000 to the next available numerical sequence. This change will happen soon. Members will receive a notice identifying the new sub-account by mail within 30-60 days. 

Important Points to Remember

Account numbers ending (also referred to here as account sub) in 000 are changed to the next available numerical sequence. All the records with the 000 sub will now be associated with the new sub assigned. Accounts with a 000-sub changed to a NEW sub will not require any maintenance by the MEMBER unless you currently use a financial institution to pay your electric bill. In this case, members must update their account number with that financial institution to ensure payment is applied to the correct account.  

Members who are affected by this sub-account number change will not notice a difference in service. However, the newly assigned sub-account number will need to be used to access account information or report a power outage. All business associated with a member’s account, such as reoccurring ACH draft, reoccurring credit card payments, budget billing, payment agreements, and existing service orders, will be automatically set up under the newly assigned sub-account.

Please see the illustration below to learn more about the change to sub-accounts. If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact a member service representative at 409-423-2241 or 1-800-231-9340.

Image of account number change